January 18, 2011

Its About Time: Canned Whiskey!

by Webmaster
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Pure. Whiskey. In a can.

From the DailyMail here:

It is a sight that will have whisky connoisseurs spluttering into their drink – a dram in a can.

A Panama-based company believes outdoor drinkers would prefer to crack open a tin rather than lug round a bottle of their favourite tipple.

Now bosses at Scottish Spirits – which retains an office in Glasgow – is testing out the novelty on its Caribbean and South American markets.

But does it taste good?

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  1. Brian Black says:

    Does it taste good?

    Are the people who are going to buy whisky in a can likely to care what it tastes of?
    Will they even care whether it makes them go blind or not?

    Probably not.

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