December 9, 2008

Dominos Has 8 Meats on Pizza- Including Lamb

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Down in Oz, pizza has a whole different mojo. Instead of tangy tomato sauce? Yummy BBQ sauce. And on top of that sauce are 8 different piles of chunky meat, including lamb.

Check out the colorful colon clogging ad, with thanks to Supersizedmeals and SoGood:

And in case the still image doesn’t cut it, click the link to view more to see the flash movie commercial. And unless you live in Australia, the “buy now” button will be pretty useless.

Okay, this pizza is not bad, and in fact, I am curious about how tasty it is. I don’t even think there is cheese on that thing. But for the craziest pizza, Dominos Australia has a way to go to top Japan’s Pizza Hut Gut Blaster here.

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