November 23, 2008

Its About Time Pepsi Made Soda From Yogurt

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Take some Pepsi and mix it with yogurt, and you get Japan’s newest taste sensation, Pepsi White.

The AV club has reactions here thanks to a link provided by SoGood.  AV says:

• “It tastes kinda soapy.”

• “It’s kinda cream soda-ish, but not as sweet.”

• “Do the Japanese realize they are being sold mislabeled cream soda?”

• “Ooh, it’s weirdly sparkly as you pour it.”

• “It smells like Slice or one of those fruity sodas. And initially it tastes exactly like that: a generic lemon-lime soda. But there’s a strong secondary taste that’s much harder to pin down.”

• “I really can’t get over the smell. I feel like I’m sticking my face in a scented candle every time I take a sip, and it’s throwing me off.”

• “It starts off fine, but afterward, the distinct flavor of Maalox lingers in my mouth.”

• “Usually we say everything tastes like cough medicine, but this actually tastes more like Pepto.”

My reaction? “Waitaminnit…  That’s not yogurt!”  Another freakish Pepsi drink from Japan is here.

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