November 9, 2008

God Exists and He Uses Baconnaise for His Sammiches

by Webmaster
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I popped over to the SoGood blog and saw the post about the bacon salt packs and the fabulous baconnaise sandwich spread and my mouth instantly started watering. I want some.

I would put this stuff on every sandwich I make. I would spread it on my morning bagel. I would dip carrot sticks and cucumber slices into it.  Here is my ultimate fantasy sandwich right now, if only I had some Baconnaise:

Warm dark meat chicken pieces, melted swiss cheese, crispy lettuce and tomato slices, with a dash of salt and pepper on slices of french bread, with creamy Baconnaise spread on each slice.

I shouldn’t blog hungry.

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  1. Todd says:

    Ewwwww, that’s gross, we did a fake product skit on but this is the real thing – GROSS!

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