February 26, 2006

Tom Cruise’s Celebrity Belch

by Webmaster
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Tom has been very busy lately, and it is hard to get him to sit still long enough to have him record a belch for this site. Between getting ready for fatherhood and his time spent being High Priest Zangdar in the Church of Scientology, he has little time for the likes of me. So to get his belch, I told the Scientologists that I would buy ten copies of Dianetics and twenty E-Meters only on the condition that I got Tom’s burp on tape. They sent me the tape, the books and the gadgets, and a bill. Now I need to figure out how I can get out of paying that bill? Anyways, click on Tom’s photo to hear the burp.

Tom Cruise's Celebrity Belch


  1. […] But Yahoo works very hard to be the Number 2 engine for searches, and its employees are very proud to work for the company. At least, until the company does something stupid, like inviting Tom Cruise to the office to give a lecture. But the employees maintain their individuality and sense of humor about the whole thing. […]

  2. luzer642 says:

    ouch my ears they like hurt now

  3. Enrique says:

    Now if you can only verify authenticity; then those Scientology items would be worth it.

    Yours in gastro-esophageal eructations,

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