January 14, 2006

Angelina Jolie Celebrity Belch

by Webmaster
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Hot actress, home wrecker, and star of the hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, announced this past week that she is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby. Here is a photo of her, right after she found out about the pregnancy. After chugging some Jim Beam, she emailed me an incredible belch. Click on the picture to hear it.

Angelina, Pregnant with Brad's Baby


  1. Catnip (nickname) says:

    i think that blew up my speakers! wow! what a belch! is it possible you can e-mail this to me? please?

    p.s. i have Angelina’s full lips which makes me so happy!

  2. niecy says:

    wat r u doing u look stupid

  3. Julieza says:

    that shit was nasty but everybody burps but that wit thr drinking and smoking while your pregnet in dicusting and disterbing

  4. Jason McGuire says:

    i can appriciate that,,,not only is she beautiful…but she’s good at belching……seriously..you should try getting stuff like this on video…or get some more

  5. Mason says:

    What a face what a belch!

  6. target says:

    I can see her nipples

  7. That is gross but funny

  8. ME says:

    Are any of these celeb burps real?

  9. Another_Me says:

    Sorry Julieza but there r a lot of things that a man can stand from a beauty like this… She’s simply sexy, even if she belches and even more if she’s pregnant and belches!! MMMMMMMMMMM….! She’s so beautiful! Gracias por existir Angelina Jolie! Te felicito Brad tienes a la mujer mas heromosa y sexy del planeta!

  10. Another_Me says:

    …and is obvious that the picture wasn’t taken when she found out that she was pregnant… i got that picture a long time ago and trust me she wasn’t pregnant when she did this picture! So stop looking for excuses to make this beauty to look or find the impossible way to make her to look like she was ugly, because she will never… and i mean never in the whole world, will look ugly!! Even if she gets old! Because she’s gonna be the most beautiful old woman in the world! Is this clear for you Julieza?

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